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Valorant 7.08 patch notes , New features and additions

So in this article, we have discussed a lot of details about the Valorant 7.08 patch notes. As you all know the new version of our favorite game valorant is coming and everyone is excited to know the new additions and features about. The upcoming Valorant 7.08 patch notes are going to be super duper special as they add a lot of things to it.

The Valorant 7.08 PBE update is now released and it has a bunch of interesting things included in it from the competitive shooter game known as Valorant. The PBE means Valorant public beta environment which shows and tests out the potential of players for the main game. Many players have selected the best environment and opted to sign up which will look ahead for a valorant release.

The Valorant has developed a new environment for its amazing upcoming release of its 7.08 version which includes outstanding things. In this article down below we have given you brief patch notes 7.08 of valorant which you can read and know about. Without forgetting read this article till the end to get to know about each part of patch notes.

About the Valorant 7.08 patch notes

So the Valorant 7.08 patch notes PBE is finally ready to bring the major changes in the game with many premier updates. Also, there are many bug fixes added to the game which will be beneficial to valiant daily players a lot.

There are certain smokes in the game and major changes in premier updates on the menu and the community is excited about this too in Valorant 7.08 patch notes.

So let us move on to take a detailed look towards all the new patch notes for the new update known as the Valorant PBE update.

Valorant 7.08 PBE patch notes  features

So these are all the official released updates with many things included in it do check it out.

Agent Updates

So here many new agents are coming up and also many modifications are done to the old agents such as Astra, brimstone, and Omen they will now have smokes. They will play audio and visual effects for cue 1.5 seconds before they fade.

There will be new abilities for them such as equipping guns sound will not be available any more so it will not disturb players and will not let to know enemy about picking a gun any agents in Valorant 7.08.

General Features

There will be now a newly added playoffs tournament in the game. This will be queued only in a minimum time of 15 minutes. This will be a time-saving thing for the playoff tournament players. This is because firstly they wasted 1 hour on it but now if you don’t queue up. You will need to hold yourself queued for 15 minutes. Otherwise when your required team cannot play the tournament in Valorant 7.08.

The teams that will be holding themselves and wasting time in the matchmaking. Now be queue will be evenly distributed in brackets and by the premier score.

There will be such changes according to having better rewards at the end of seasons. All the higher earnings of skins in tournaments of Valorant 7.08 new update.

You will now have the player card collection UI update which is amazing and you can navigate about that. Also, you can equip borders, search about them and use the cards in a grid.

Valorant 7.08 patch notes bug fixes

So the most required bug fix is here the annihilation. From now no clear opening of the bind automatic door from the teleporter room’s outside part.

Also now there will be no availability of open Breeze’s mid-chute trapdoor in the Valorant 7.08  game update from below.

The neon fast lance will now more reliably extend till the end. Upto up to the fracture’s A door when players will be casting from outside. There will be the same behavior when used inside the hall for all bugs. Now all are almost fixed in the new update of Valorant 7.08 patch notes.




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