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Pubg Lite Season 30 Winner Pass Free Leaks

Pubg Lite Season 30 Winner Pass Leaks Free

In this article, we have talked about Pubg Lite Season 30 Winner Pass Leaks with Complete Details and leaks, We have also covered Rewards of PUBG Lite Season 30 Leaks. Read full Article to Get Complete Details.

pubg lite season 30 winner pass leaks

Season 30 Winner Pass for PUBG Mobile Lite Date of release.

How to upgrade by gaining it, and how to get free new champ pass in pubg light 280 Free bc every season.

Winner Pass is an exceptional and small premium assortment of remunerations from pubg light.

About the winner pass

Winner Pass is a fantastic and inexpensive premium collection of prizes in Pubg Lite.

Learn how to upgrade by purchasing it, as well as how to acquire a free new winner pass every season in Pubg Lite 280 Free BC.

Victor pass missions vary from 1 to 30 wp and feature items like as weapon skins, outfit sets, bc coins, exp cards, wp containers, and vehicle skins.

You can redesign it with 280 BC coins and will wish to give it a more appealing appearance to the player.

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Detailed information about pubg lite season 13 winner pass Leak

On November 1, 2021, at 7:30 a.m., PUBG Mobile Lite Season 30 Winner Pass will begin (IST).

  • Start pubg mobile Lite and login.
  •  Go to wp segment.
  • You can achive Winner pass (WP) by getting it in two ways, Elite pass at 280bc and Elite Plus for 800bc.
  • The winner pass of 280 bc is most popular and well known one that most players purchase.
  • You should purchase as indicated by the measure of bc you have.

Season 30 winning pass is available. You can obtain it by 280bc if you have 280 bc.

If you don’t have BC, you can obtain 5BC every day by watching a 5 second or 30 second advertisement.

You must watch three advertisements in one day to receive 5BC. In 58 days, you will have accumulated 280 BC and will have purchased wp.

If you used advertisements to collect BC, you did a fantastic job. When you play Pubg Mobile Lite, you should play one ad after each game.

And after three games, you will be able to earn 5bc every day.


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