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OxygenOS 13: OnePlus System Launcher V13.0.01 – Download Link

In Today’s Article, We are Going to Talk about How To Download OxygenOS 13: OnePlus System Launcher on your OnePlus Mobile. Below are The Details about the Update about Devices that might get the update for oxygen os 13. OnePlus System Launcher V13.0.01 is Getting released this year and OnePlus already has an Oxygen OS beta program for the 10 Pro. OxygenOS 12 lacked a cohesive design aesthetic But it’s Good To see that OnePlus is looking forward to addressing those issues of OxygenOS 12.

OnePlus System Launcher V13.0.01

Which Phones will get Oxygen 13 update?

Below is a list of Eligible Devices that can Download OxygenOS 13: OnePlus System Launcher V13.0.01 :

1.OnePlus 8T,

2.OnePlus 10R,

3.OnePlus 9,

4.OnePlus 9 Pro,

5.OnePlus Nord 2,

6.OnePlus Nord 2T,

7.OnePlus 9R,

8.OnePlus 9RT,

9.OnePlus 10 Pro,

10.OnePlus Nord CE 2,

11.OnePlus Nord CE,

12.OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite

OnePlus 10 Pro will be the first in the lineup of getting the OxygenOS 13 update.

Features about OxygenOS 13

OnePlus Conducted an Open Forum where They Showed an early build of OS 13 to get official feedback, and based on those interactions and reviews OnePlus will be focusing on the following focus:

  • Improve UI personalization and consistency
  • Optimize Zen Mode to provide a more efficient experience
  • Maintain positive communication with the Users

OxygenOS 13 will continue to use color OS as the foundation. OnePlus Doesn’t have a dedicated team for the Developing of the Oxygen OS 13.

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How To Download OxygenOS 13

Step 1: Download The File from our Discord server

Discord - Free social media iconsClick to Join

This file is the main resource we are gonna need so Download this file. This file is needed to update your OnePlus Mobile phone version and the File Download link will be provided on our Discord Server.

  • Step 1: Now Download the “OnePlus Local Update” application. The “OnePlus Local Update” application is needed after the file provided above and now, the application and both the files have to be the latest to Download OxygenOS 13 latest version.
  • Step 2: Select the Downloaded file and Start the OS update
  • Step 3: Inside the application click on the Gear icon in the top right corner. Now select the downloaded file and start the OS update Install might take a while so wait for a while. Then after the process is done just Restart your phone.


NOTE;  after rebooting your phone is going to Reset itself automatically so prepare a backup of your phone in advance!

To Download OxygenOS 13 Launcher file Join Our Discord

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We explained How To Update your OnePlus OxygenOS This article was about OxygenOS 13: OnePlus System Launcher V13.0.01 and How to Download and update it. If you are facing any problems regarding OxygenOS 13: OnePlus System Launcher V13.0.01 Join our Discord for any queries.

Q- How do I install OxygenOS v13 on my android phone?

A- OxygenOS New update is only for OnePlus phones right now so you can’t get it on any other android devices other than the OnePlus.

Q- What are the changes in the New OxygenOS Update?

A- OnePlus has announced the New OxygenOS and they will listen to reviews in the Beta update and work on them according to User’s Demands.

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