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Next Faded Wheel in Free Fire – November 2021

In this Article, We Have Covered Next Faded Wheel in Free Fire November 2021. We request you read the whole article thoroughly so that you could get every possible information on the Next Faded Wheel in FF.

The Next Faded Wheel Event in Free Fire is back with a new edition from Free Fire Max. The event has been dubbed the ‘Vector Aquablaze Wrath’ this time. Between November 11, 2021, and November 17, 2021, it will be available in the Free Fire Max. It had a grand prize of Vector Aquablaze Wrath, as well as smaller prizes. It will be the first skin created particularly for the Vector Akimbo.


You must eliminate two options from a list of ten. After dismissing the two objects, there will be just eight items remaining to collect in eight spins. Each spin costs 1 diamond value, and the spin price grows as you acquire more things.

Next Faded Wheel in Free Fire

The Vector Aquablaze Wrath, like the virtual reality casino slots, has a really appealing appearance. If you’re unfamiliar with Faded Wheel in Free Fire Events, they’re spin-to-win events in which you must make spins using diamonds to win rewards, including the big prize.

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How To Get Rewards From Next Faded Wheel Event in Free Fire :

A total of 10 objects appear on the event screen when you open the Luck Royale then go to the Faded Wheel tab in FF. This event’s prize pool consists of these things. To obtain these rewards, you must make spins, with each spin yielding one gift. However, before you begin spinning, you must first eliminate two items from the reward pool that you do not want. First and foremost, choose those two items and eliminate them by clicking the ‘Confirm’ button in the center of the screen.

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Vector Aquablaze Wrath Faded Wheel Event’s Rewards:

  • Vector – Aquablaze Wrath Skin
  • Pet Food
  • Bonfire Play Card
  • Crystal Soul (Backpack Skin)
  • Flaming Red Weapon Loot Crate
  • Water Elemental Weapon Loot Crate
  • Fiery Flames (Surfboard Skin)
  • Cube Fragment
  • Diamond Royale Voucher (Exp. 31-10-2021)
  • PARAFAL – Red Fury Skin

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Then you’ve removed the two undesired objects from the rewards in the Next Faded Wheel Event in FF, click the ‘Spin’ button in the centre of the screen to start spinning and collecting awards one by one. The first spin is free for all players; after that, the second spin costs 9 diamonds and increases with each subsequent spin.

To boost your chances of winning the grand prize with each spin, the items you acquired previously will be eliminated from the prize pool. However, based on our experience, you are most likely to win the grand prize on the eighth spin, as you will need to make a total of eight spins to collect all of the objects.

Each Turn’s Cost in Faded Wheel Event in Free Fire Max :

  • 1st spin – 9 diamonds;
  • 2nd spin – 29 diamonds;
  • 3rd spin – 59 diamonds;
  • 4th spin – 99 diamonds;
  • 5th spin – 199 diamonds;
  • 6th spin – 399 diamonds;
  • 7th spin – 399 diamonds;
  • 8th spin – 799 diamonds;

There are a total of 1992 diamonds in this set. This is the amount required to obtain all of the Faded wheel in Free Fire Max components, which will be sent with the new package on Saturday.

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