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How to get Well Liked Title in BGMI

How to get well-liked title in BGMI?

Well Liked Title in BGMI

There’s no denying that Battleground Mobile India took the world by storm, becoming the most popular game on Google’s Play Store in 2021. The way they offer various obstacles and activities for gamers to do is what makes this game more engaging. You get titles by completing certain activities.

What are titles in BGMI?

Titles are achievements that you can brag about to other players in the Lobby, or if you have RP, your name and title will be displayed to all 100 players in the match, including yourself.

Many people find it cool to have titles in BGMI, especially small kids. because they are fond of such catchy and materialistic things.

If you have any of the title in BGMI, then the title is displayed above your character. And everybody in the match or lobby can see the title.

What is the well-liked title in BGMI?

When you reach 1000 likes on your BGMI profile, you will receive a well-liked title.

This title is also displayed above your character as ” Well Liked”. To achieve this title you need to complete 1000 likes.

Like is a feature in the game, you can get likes from your friends, or the people you play with. You can also get like by random players if you tell them to do so and they are kind enough.

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Or if they like your gameplay and you lead them to a victory, then also they can give you like.

Some tricks to get Well liked title in BGMI

1st way:

You need 3 of your friends with you, with whom you play the most.

To get 1000 likes, you’ll need to play a total of 334 matches with three pals, according to the calculations.

Don’t play a classic match, it may take a long time. Play Arcade mode matches which last for 8 minutes and you can get the title as early as possible,

2nd way:

Land in a crowded area and perish as quickly as possible. Wait for all of your comrades to die before you die.

If you return to the lobby after dying, you will be unable to provide likes to other players or your friends.

You can gain three likes if your friends die as well (within 2-3 minutes). Thus, you get 3 minutes in a maximum of 3 minutes… thus, you can acquire this title in 1000 minutes or 16 hours of gameplay.

And get the title easily.

Above given are the ways through which you can get the well-liked title in BGMI. If you find the article then do comment.


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