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How to Create Unlimited Fake Whatsapp With US (+1) Number 2021 Working 100%


Hello Guys, during this article I’m sharing a brand new attention-grabbing Trick by that you’ll really create a completely functional WhatsApp Account with the USA (United States of America) number that’s with +1 Country Code. With this trick, you will get the free number for WhatsApp to make an Unlimited WhatsApp Account with us(United State) number. As we have a tendency to all understand that Whatsapp is the most well-liked messaging app that beat several alternative apps like WeChat, hike, line, etc. 

Let’s Make Whatsapp With USA !

1) First, download and install the textPlus app on your Android – 

2) Open the app and Signup a new account by entering Name, Birthdate, Gender, Email, and Password.

3) After successfully signing up for a new account, go to the top right tab and you will see an option “Tap to get your textPlus number!“, just click on it.

4) It asks to select the country of which you want a number, Select any City and Code. (I selected California).

5) Oh Yeah!! , You will see your new U.S country number on the screen

6) Now, all you need to do is, Copy your number and make a new account on Whatsapp with it. You will receive a confirmation message (OTP) in the textPlus app (the Second number option for reading Messages).

So, this is the latest working method to create a Whatsapp account with a U.S. number. I, hope you successfully created an account using this simplest way. Below is the old method which is no more works now. So, don’t give a try to test that method.

Requirements To Create WhatsApp Account

 With USA Country Number (Old Trick)

There is nothing big requirements for creating a Whatsapp account with a fake number. You just need some minimum requirements as followed below.

So, guys, these are some basic requirements for this tutorial that you must have to complete. I hope you already have an Android phone so now you just need to download two apps as listed above and I also mentioned download links for both the apps.

How To Create Whatsapp Account With Fake US Number? (Old Method)

Above I described all about the Voxox app, so I think now I don’t need to explain more about the app. Now you have to follow these simple steps to use Whatsapp with USA number using Voxox app trick. I hope, you already looked up at basic requirements which are necessary for this tutorial. So, let’s come on our tutorial.

1. First of all you have to download the “Voxox App” on your Android phone.

2. After downloading the “Install” and “Open” app on your Android mobile.

3. Now, Sign up a new account on Voxox by entering your “Phone Number, Email Address, Username & Password”.

4. Once you entered your all correct details, click on the “Sign Up” button and it will verify your mobile number by sending OTP.

5. Now, enter “Username” and “Password” and click on the Login button.

4. Once you entered your all correct details, click on the “Sign Up” button and it will verify your mobile number by sending OTP.

5. Now, enter “Username” and “Password” and click on the Login button

6. Now Dashboard will appear on screen, you will see the “More” option on the top right.

7. It will show you the USA number on the top as “Voxox number”, which is your USA number. Copy that USA number on clipboard.

8. Now open your Whatsapp app and create a new account with that number you copied from the Voxox app.

Note: Don’t forget to select the country as USA (+1).

9. It will send you Code on that USA number, you will receive that as an OTP message on the Voxox app.

10. Copy that one-time password and paste it on your Whatsapp.

11. Verify your Whatsapp account and that’s it.

Voila!! Your new Whatsapp account with a USA number is ready. Create a Whatsapp account with a USA country number by following this tutorial and enjoy!! Now you can send messages to anyone on Whatsapp with this account and the message will be sent from your USA number.

How To Change Old Number With 

USA Number On Whatsapp?

Above is the method to create a Whatsapp account with a USA number, but if you don’t want to create a new account and want to change your old number account with a USA number. Here is the tutorial for you. Some people don’t want to lose their Whatsapp groups so they can’t create a new account, but you can change your old number with this one so that your Groups can be safe. Let’s follow these steps to change your number.

1. First open your Whatsapp app and go to Settings.

2. Now, click on the Account option, then you will see the option of Change Number on the screen, simply click on it.

3. Enter your old number and new number inbox and click on Done from the top right corner.

Here is the screenshot for all the steps described above:

4. It will send your verification message on New number, get it from the Voxox app and enter into Whatsapp.

5. Done, that’s it your old Whatsapp account successfully changes to a new USA number.

So this is the method on how to change Whatsapp’s old number account with a USA number. By following this tutorial, you don’t need to create a new account and all the old messages and groups will remain safe in the new account also.

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Wrapping Up:

So, this is “How to create Whatsapp account with USA country number“. You can easily get the fake number for Whatsapp verification by following this guide. We already tested it on our device and it works find for us. This was the best way of getting a free US number for Whatsapp verification which is the free virtual number for Whatsapp. I hope you understood the tutorial easily.

At first, Voxox is the best app to get a temporary US country number to create Whatsapp or any other account through that number. Now, that trick is totally patched and you aren’t able to use it. But people are genius nowadays, they will find another working way to solve their problems. There are lots of apps discovered which provide your another country number. You can use that number for receiving text messages and for making calls to anyone. That means this types of app can complete your wish to create Whatsapp account with U.S +1 Number.


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