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BGMI Mod APK 1.8 Download – 100% Working Mod

In this article, we have covered complete details about BGMI Mod Apk 1.8 And We Have also told about the process of How to install BGMI Mod Hack Apk 1.8.

BGMI Mod Apk 16.0

What is BGMI Mod Apk 18.0?

BGMI Mod Apk 18.0 is a battle royale game in which many players compete to be the last person standing on the battlefield by using tactics. BGMI hacks Apk is a 100% free multiplayer adventure. Players can fight in a variety of game styles, including team battles and one-on-one battles.

The advantages of downloading BGMI Mod Apk 18.0

Because this BGMI MOD APK 18.0 download includes wallhack capabilities, you will have a lot of fun with this option if you are using BGMI hack Apk 18.0. This is a quality that will never allow you to enter the BGMI hack MOD APK 18.0 version, for any reason.

Feature of BGMI Mod Apk 1.8 Version

Feature of BGMI Mod Apk 1.6 Version

Wall Hack

To appear around a wall or to comprehend what is around a wall is to wallhack. You may simply kill adversaries hidden in any location with the use of this attribute. If your attacker is hidden behind a wall and still intends to murder you, you can utilize this wall hacking feature to see him and then kill him, even if I am shooting.

Aimbot Version Hack for BGMI

Aimbot is a BGMI 1.6 Hack feature that can fire down and kill the target adversary automatically. Detect and kill adversaries automatically. Aimbot, on the other hand, did not shoot the adversary through the wall and into the building in order to avoid being spotted or reported. Only weapons, not grenades or other weapons, can be utilized with Aimbot. Players must use ammunition wisely so that they lose the least amount of ammunition and equipment when the enemy dies.

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BGMI Mod Apk Download Process

Follow The below-Given Steps To use BGMI Mod Hack Apk without any error or without facing any issue.

How to Download & Install BGMI Mod Apk 2021?

Simply follow the steps below to obtain the BGMI MOD APK + OBB File. We’ve developed simple step-by-step instructions for you to follow.

  • If the BGMI Playstore APK version is already installed, uninstall it then download the APK and OBB files from the links given below.
  • Install the APK file after the download is complete (do not open the Game and successfully installed, then Close the Game)
  • Then, in Andriod > Obb, move the OBB file you obtained and create com.pubg.imobile in that folder. Copy the Obb files and paste them into your OBB folder.
  • Now open the game and create a new account or log in with your Google or Facebook account.



Is BGMI a data breacher?

Next to us, we can read numerous entries from a variety of other news sites. We didn’t find much proof of data breaches. They stated that no data was shared with China.


The above mentioned are some advantages of using BGMI Mod Apk 1.6 download. If you use this Mod Hack BGMI 1.6 you will not get ban, but you may lose your skills! If you’re having trouble installing or opening the BGMI Mod APK version, or if you’re having trouble signing in to your Google or Facebook accounts, you can join Telegram to get help.

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