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Bgmi 2.8 Update New Features 32 Bit Apk Download

BGMI 2.8 Update New Features 32 Bit APK Download

This time they have brought a new update in-game which is the Bgmi 2.8 Update New Features 32 Bit APK Download. In this article, we will provide you with BGMI 2.8 Update Complete Details. This BGMI 2.8 Update is very innovative and different from all the modes in the BGM India game.

Bgmi 2.8 Update New Features 32 Bit Apk Download

What is BGMI Game?

BGMI is developed by Krafton. The BGMI game is one of the most loved games all over the world as it is available on PC as well as Android. BGMI has a huge player base and it is played all over the world.

In past months there was PUBG in India but it did not follow the Indian rules and regulations so it was banned by the Indian government. But then the Krafton company developed a special version only for India and that is BGMI (battlegrounds mobile India).

And BGMI also got a great response from their Indian players. So they keep adding new updates, skins, weapon skins, and new modes.

What’s New in BGMI 2.8 Update?

  1. New Weapon – Combat Knife: This melee weapon was first seen in Zombie Mode. Now it’s returning as an eternal arm in BGMI.
  2. Custom Parachute and Jump Buttons: Players can now change the size position and look of the parachute and jump buttons.
  3. Zombie Edge Game Mode: Expected in October this new mode might be shifted for a Diwali-themed event, especially for BGMI players in India.
  4. Crossbow Upgrade: The crossbow gets a new attachment called Tactical Gunpowder. This makes the arm indeed more strong.
  5. Voice Add-on for Map: Players can now hear position names on nearly all maps when they tap on them.
  6. Hoverboard: A new way to move around the map the Maglev Hoverboard will be added to different places.
  7. No More Friendly Fire: Players won’t be hurt by their teammates ’ grenades.
  8. Vehicles with Protection: If teammates are in a vehicle it can’t be destroyed.

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With all these supposed to be added to the game, there is no wonder that players are frantically waiting for the official announcement released about the new BGMI 2.8 update download.

new BGMI 2.8 update download

BGM India 2.8 Update Download:

Update 2.8 like the other will surpass all the expectations of the players. This update will have new game items and a bunch of other content that will improve the overall gameplay experience of players in this battle royale title.


This BGMI July mode is in the 2.8 updates Download the BGMI game

1. Is PUBG and BGMI same?

BGMI is an Indian version of PUBG Mobile, which was launched exclusively for players in India after the government banned PUBG Mobile in the country

2. Can I play BGMI in PC?

Yes, you can play BGMI on PC. However, you will have to use the emulator in order to play BGMI.

3. Who is the owner of BGMI?

Rev Charlie Mabry is the owner of BGMI.

4. Is BGMI only for India?

It is exclusive to Indian players.

We hope that you would have liked our article as we have covered every detailed information on BGMI React Survival mode and how to play it. We have covered some information on BGMI update 2.8.

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