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Best PUBG Mobile Player in The World 2022

PUBG Mobile gamers in the world
best PUBG gamers in the world
best PUBG gamers in the world

In this essay, we will discuss the top PUBG mobile player on the planet in 2022. To know more about it and see whether your favorite player is there in the list, do read the full article. We are discussing the world’s best PUBG players and categorize. Each of them is a unique individual who has achieved remarkable success and made a significant contribution to the PUBG society. They contribute to the game’s development, which is today known as PUBG. In 2022, Roaring Goat, King of PUBG, was the finest PUBG player on the planet. Here are a few more of the greatest PUBG players we have for you. The Best PUBG Mobile gamers in the world will be going to reveal in 2022.

You’ll be looking for the highest recommended Best PUBG gamers in the world if you become the best PUBG player in the world and have the most fun. You’ll be on the lookout for a male or female who can lead his or her crew from the tables to the cash being dumped on the icy floor.

You will be on the lookout for gentlemen or women who can educate you all you need to learn about the sport while also making sure you have a wonderful time.

The Top and Best PUBG Mobile Players of all Time will be going to reveal in 2022.

XQF Paraboy:

Paraboy is a very well-known Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) gamer from all over the world. He is a Chinese attacker who is primarily associate with Nova XQF. Nova XQF, his squad, won the recently held PEL Second season and PEC 2020. Paraboy becomes the top PUBG player on the planet at the youthful age of 19. He’s also the highest-paid Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds player and one of the few TPP and FPP gurus.


In the PUBG community, Jonathan is a well-known Esports player. He always utilizes the gyroscope during gameplay and finding someone who will use the gyroscope along with he can be difficult. You can see Jonathan in large events and PUBG leagues all over the world. He has established himself as being one of the finest in the industry when it comes to close encounters. Jonathan already has a YouTube channel with 2.09 million followers.

BTR Zuxxy:

In Indonesia, BTR Zuxxy is the top PUBG Mobile player. Bagas Pramudita is his true name, however, he is better known among other players as BTR Zuxxy. . His YouTube channel, Zuxxy Gaming, has almost 1.7 million subscribers. Anyone else player in the world can’t match his consistency.

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If you’re a player in the Indian subcontinent, you’ve probably heard the name Scout. Tanmay Singh is his true name, and he is among the most successful Indian PUBG gamers. He is a pro Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds player that competed in the 2018 PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Asia as part of the Indian team. Scout also produces videos for his over 3.49 million-subscriber YouTube channel.

XQF Order:

Best PUBG Mobile Player in The World

The next greatest player just on the list is Cheng Zehai. He goes by the name XQF Order and it is one of China’s top PUBG players. Close-range battles have dominate by Order. He appeared alongside Paraboy in the 2019 PEL and led his team to win the title. Many people believe he will become the next important hit in the Esports industry.

That’s all we know about the best PUBG gamers in the world at the moment. I hope you’ve discovered the solution to your question about the best PUBG players in 2022. The PUBG community is not include list. It is simply given together in our opinion. Kindly help us spread the message by sharing this article with others if you enjoyed it.


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