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Best Dialer for Realme Android 13 – Dialer Apk

dialer for realme android 13

Hi friends, as several of you, have already known what am I going to tell you in this blog by reading the Heading? however, there’s a twist that I’m telling you as you all know that once collaborating with Google. Realme has removed Realme Dialer from its Smartphones. We are bound to use Google Dialer. the largest drawback of Google Dialer is that it lacks an auto-call recording.  the feature that was terribly very important. In this article, We’ll Show you How to Download Realme Stock Dialer Apk for Android 13 & 14.


Realme Dialer had this feature. For all of you, I’m telling you the way to use Realme Dialer. To use it you’ll have to download the given zip file. you’ll need to extract it. once extracting you’ll need to install context.apk at first. when you want to download the remaining APK files. most importantly once installing all files you’ll have to restart your Smartphone After this method you can start Realme Dialer.

best dialer for realme android 12

How to Download and Install Realme Stock Dialer Apk for Android 13 & 14

  • Download the APK File of Realme Stock Dialer Apk From this link
  • Install the APK files like normal third-party apps. You need to allow Permission to install from unknown sources
  • Then After Installation, You Need to Set the default Phone app as Realme Dialer instead of the default Dialer
  • Open ‘Settings’ App
  • Then go into ‘Apps’
  • Tap on ‘Default Apps’
  • Set this Phone app as Default

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Features of Realme Stock Dialer APK for Android 13 & 14

  • Auto Call Recording
  • Customize Background
  • Smooth Experience
  • Easy to Use

best dialer for realme android 12


You Also Need to Disable Google Dialer by App info setting

If Dialer is working Properly Then You can Comment Here then you can give your opinion If any further issues you face then you can Join Discord and then solutions there.

Hope You Got All Details About Realme Stock Dialer APK for android 13 & 14 and also got all Process about Hope You Got All Details About Realme Stock Dialer APK for android 13 and also got the Processes about

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