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Best 5 Gaming Accessories Under 500 Rupees

Are you a gamer? or someone who wants to start their gaming journey? Well before beginning your gaming journey, you would like to see top accessories for gaming. That makes your gaming experience even better. Gaming accessories increase the gaming experiences and let you enjoy the game even more i.e. it increases your gaming experience even further. So this article provides you best 5 gaming accessories under 500 rupees that are worth trying.



We provide you a list of the top 5 gaming accessories, that are worth trying out.

Best 5 gaming accessories under 500:

What is Gaming Accessory?

A gaming accessory is a hardware that increases your gaming experience. They are additional devices that players use to perform the game controls differently. For example, a controller works differently than a keyboard. It also gives a different playing experience than a console. There are thousands of different accessories for gaming that are easy to use.

Should I buy Gaming Accessory?

If you are tired of playing games with the same controller again and again. If you want a different experience, then gaming accessories are worth trying. They provide a new gaming experience that is worth trying. We provide you with the best 5 gaming accessories under 500 that you can check out.

1. Gaming Mouse Under 500 Rupees :

This accessory is something that you can’t miss out on. This is one of the most important accessories that you need to play games. It also comes in handy in other different tasks. But with its multiple buttons, it allows the user to perform multiple tasks very easily and rapidly.

best 5 gaming mouse accessories 2022
5 gaming mouse accessories 2022


Day by day its popularity is increasing day by day. Because of its these features, this comes in our best 5 gaming accessories under 500 list. We also recommend top gaming mouse that you can use:

  • Razer DeathAdder V2
  • Logitech G203 Lightsync
  • Razer Naga Pro.

2. A Gaming Headset Under 500 Rupees:

If you are going to play games multiplayer or solo. One thing that will help you a lot is headphones and It will help you to keep track of your surrounding in the game. A lot of games focus on improving their music. And to experience the high-quality music you would definitely need a Gaming headset.

best 5 gaming accessories
best 5 gaming accessories 2022

Gaming Headsets are of two types: Wireless, Wired. Often players use wired headphones because it provides the sound with high speed and the game syncs with the sound. But you can try some wireless headphones that give a similar experience .Because of its these features, this comes in our best 5 gaming accessories under 500 list. Also, we recommend these top Gaming Headsets.

  • SteelSeries Arctis 7P/7X.
  • Razer Blackshark V2.
  • Logitech G Pro X.
  • SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC.

3. A Set Of Stereo Speakers Under 500 Rupees:

If you like speakers more than headphones, you would definitely love the stereo speakers that are specially made for gaming. They provide a very high quality of sound. Often Some YouTubers and streamers use stereo speakers too just to increase their experience.IF you want to increase your music experience too, then you can use try them out.


Here is the list of top stereo Speakers:

  • Definitive Technology BP9080x.
  • Q Acoustics M20 HD
  • KEF LS50 Wireless II
  • Klipsch Forte III.

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4. A High-Resolution Monitor  Under 500 Rupees:

If you want to see the full potential of the game’s graphics, you would need a high-resolution Monitor. A high-resolution monitor increases the Gaming experience of a player.

best 5 gaming accessories
best 5 gaming accessories

Most importantly if you are facing lags in your game, changing into a high-resolution Monitor will solve the problem.Because of its these features, this comes in our best 5 gaming accessories under 500 list

Here is the list of top High-resolution monitor

  • Dell SE2719HR.
  • Acer XFA240.
  • Apple Studio Display.
  • ViewSonic Elite XG270QC.
  • Acer PEO Series ProDesigner PE320QK

5. A Gaming Controller Under 500 Rupees:

A gaming controller is a piece of hardware that you cant leave if you are a gamer. It provides users with an immense gaming experience.

Gaming controller
Gaming controller


The Gaming controller consists of a layout with two analog sticks and four face buttons, four triggers, and a directional pad. This setup is made in a way to give the player more great experience of controls. Because of its these features, this comes in our best 5 gaming accessories under 500 list.

Here are the top recommended Gaming Controller

  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2.
  • PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced.
  • Xbox Wireless Controller.

These were the top 5 gaming accessories.

Where you can buy these top 5 gaming accessories under 500 Rupees.

All these products are available on both Amazon and Flipkart and they might be available in other applications.




If you want to experience the game in a different way or in a more great way. We definitely recommend trying out all these accessories for gaming. They will for sure increase your gaming experience.


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