PUBG New State 32 Bit Apk Download Link – Direct Download

In This Article, We Have Covered Complete Details About PUBG New State 32-bit APK Download and PUBG New State 32-Bit Version Download. Here we will provide you full guide along with the files that you can download and enjoy the new PUBG New State 32-bit APK Download Link . This is not a new PUBG New State but not even less than a new PUBG New State Interface and futuristic touch. Don’t get confused we will provide every information regarding the PUBG New State Version 32-bit Download Link.

PUBG New State Version 32Bit

PUBG New State 32 bit download

OverView About PUBG New State 32 Bit Apk Download Link

PUBG New State Version APK Link: PUBG New State 32-bit Global Version the most-awaited and probably most loved map update is finally here. Yes, that’s right there is an announcement from the PUBG New State Mobile officials that advanced techs like Anti Gravity Motorcycle, Hyperlinks & more are finally here. PUBG New State Mobile Officially released the redesign of the most awaited futuristic touch. We are pretty sure after hearing this news you guys are over excited to try the new map and unleash all its new and improved graphics and designs of certain places.

PUBG New State 32-Bit APK Download Link

This update features a collaboration between PUBG New State and Tesla, one of the most popular car manufacturers. From now until the first week of September, this event will occur ( 6th September). Anti-gravity motorcycles, hyperlinks, and other modern technologies are included in the game. This update introduces a new Tesla automobile, as well as a slew of new awards, skins, and vehicle skins.

All thing is still the same inPUBG New State Global Version Update. Only graphics are revised or upgraded. In fact, the new graphics and techy futuristic touch. If we talk about the connection of the New PUBG New State 32-bit link Update then only graphics and designs are changed but the map is absolutely the same as erangle 1.0.

You may have a question in your mind that when will we get this update. So here is the official announcement by PUBG New State Mobile that the New PUBG New State 32-Bit APK link will be live for all users from the 1st week of September ( 6th September) PUBG New State 32-Bit Direct link Update. Until then you can play this map from its stable version.

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How To Play PUBG New State 32-bit link Update?

PUBG New State Version 1.6 32-Bit
PUBG New State Version 1.6 32-Bit
  • Firstly download the stable version of PUBG New State 32bit apk link that we provide below.
  • Now after downloading the stable PUBG New State 32-Bit just install the app.
  • After successfully installation open your PUBG New State Mobile stable app.
  • Now, wait for the stable PUBG New State to be open fully.
  • Now Open The game
  • Enjoy the Game!

PUBG New State APK Download Link Direct (1.1 GB): Click Download PUBG New State Click Download PUBG New State

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Note: If you have the original or any other version of the above application preinstall than uninstall it before installing this application. Otherwise, it will not Work.


In this article, we have covered a piece of detailed information on PUBG New State 32-Bit Version Download link. We have also covered in a detailed way the steps of Downloading and Installing for the PUBG New State APK Download link.

We hope that you would like our article as we have tried our best to provide you the information in detail about the PUBG New State 32 bit APK Download Link.

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